Saturday, 14 November 2009

Supporting Sandie's Handmade Daisies wholesale business

I recently became aware of a copycat stealing Sandie's idea to make and sell handmade paper daisies. This person was a follower of Sandie's blog, and blatantly stole Sandie's idea and started her own business creating the same style of flowers, with very similar packaging and identical prices. Funnily enough, after we all started inundating her blog and facebook page with comments (which she refuses to publish) she is no longer a follower of Sandie's blog. Good riddance.

Some people obviously have no respect for other people's ideas. Certainly, it isn't a crime to immitate  something that someone else has made - I have a daisy wheel and paper string myself - but it is certainly unethical to use that idea and encroach on someone else's territory. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean that you SHOULD!

So, I am putting a link on my blog to Sandie's wholesale daisies blog. Support the original and the best - Handmade Daisies by Sandie.


Sam said...

that is so sad, and completely unnecessary - I so rarely sell my cards that I would like to hope that I haven't sold anything that isn't my idea, but it may happen without intent sometimes - this is quite different though - blatant and quite rude. Hmph!

Sandie said...

Thanks heaps for your support Dee. It means a lot.

Mwah to ya.

Luv Sandie

smauge said...

OH! I am SHOCKED at the gall of some people. Sandie's - The original and the BEST!!

Jason said...

How's it going?

I just found your blog and I think it's great. I like reading personal blogs, and I find it a lot better than most other categories. Listen, I have a blog myself that provides inspiration and guidance to millions of people around the world. I would like us to do a link exchange and spread some traffic around. Let me know what you think.