Wednesday, 2 December 2009

White Christmas Cybercrop @ Little Scrapbook Shop 11th Dec 2009

Wow, another month has gone past and December is already here.

Why not come and join us on 11th December for a White Christmas cybercrop, with Bingo, challenges, prizes and lots of laughs.

Click on the poster to go to the thread in the forums.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Supporting Sandie's Handmade Daisies wholesale business

I recently became aware of a copycat stealing Sandie's idea to make and sell handmade paper daisies. This person was a follower of Sandie's blog, and blatantly stole Sandie's idea and started her own business creating the same style of flowers, with very similar packaging and identical prices. Funnily enough, after we all started inundating her blog and facebook page with comments (which she refuses to publish) she is no longer a follower of Sandie's blog. Good riddance.

Some people obviously have no respect for other people's ideas. Certainly, it isn't a crime to immitate  something that someone else has made - I have a daisy wheel and paper string myself - but it is certainly unethical to use that idea and encroach on someone else's territory. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean that you SHOULD!

So, I am putting a link on my blog to Sandie's wholesale daisies blog. Support the original and the best - Handmade Daisies by Sandie.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Its CyberCrop time again at Little Scrapbook Shop!

Yep its that time again, so come and join us for a

Crafty Christmas CyberCrop!

Come and visit us in the forums to find out all about it

See you there!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Winners Announced for WCMD Weekend at LSBS

Well, everyone had a top time making cards during the World Cardmaking weekend over at Little Scrapbook Shop. So many fantastic cards to see in the Gallery.

All of the cards for each challenge were simply fantastic. Here are the links to each challenge in the gallery if you want to go and have a look for yourself, as well as a link to the winner of each category, plus some additional winners.

Challenge 1 - Make a set of cards

and the winner of this one was Virginia with a set of fab male cards.
Challenge 2 - Sketch Challenge  
and the winner of this one was Marg with a beautiful friendship card.
Challenge 3
- Set of Christmas Cards

and the winning set was created by beaverjane (Melinda) with this wonderful Christmas Set.

There were also some special mentions:

Prettiest cards - by Shelee with THESE gorgeous creations.
Cutest cards - by Cats (Clare) with THESE wonderfully stamped cards.
Most eyecatching - gorgeous set of Lime & Black cards by DebiJ.
Coolest cards - THESE cards by Neat28(Anita).
Most different - THESE terrific cards by Pepper (Rachel)

The winners of the competitions were:

Competition 1 - Kingtan (Tania)
Competition 2 - alittlescrappy

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who joined in. What a fantastic range of cards you now all have to add to your stash for the next occasion!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Crafty Christmas CyberCrop Nov 13th 2009

Are you stressing about Christmas? Want to make something special for someone but you're fresh out of ideas?

Never fear Little Scrappers! We have not 1, not 2, but 8 challenges for you in November and they all revolve around having a Crafty Christmas.

Whether it's a card, a gift for a loved one or for your child's favourite teacher, we'll have something perfect for you.

So, mark your calendars and get ready for a very Crafty Christmas!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

World Cardmaking Weekend at LSBS

Just when I was starting to get my blogging going again, we were speed limited (thank you DH & DS!!). I am back now, and what a way to kick it off . .

The wonderful Helen has set some terrific challenges over at Little Scrapbook Shop for you to get your cardmaking kick-started this weekend.

If you would like to come and join in the fun click HERE to go to the forums to register, join in the challenges and play some games.

To save you some time, here are links to the individual threads in the forums:

Register HERE
Challenge 1 HERE
Challenge 2 HERE
Challenge 3 HERE
Game #1 HERE
Game #2 HERE

To see the terrific creations made this weekend, head on over to the GALLERY and check them out.

Hope to see you there,

Sunday, 11 October 2009

October Cybercrop at LSBS

Are you looking for some inspiration this weekend???
Would you like to win some prizes???
Then pop on over to LSBS and join in the fun of the CyberCrop.

Junior Challenge (for the kids)

Kids Challenge was set by Helen, and what a great challenge it is.
Get your kids to make something fun and pretty for the fridge.
Click--> HERE for all the details of the Kids Challenge.

Challenge #1 Layout Sketch Challenge

This challenge was set by Tracy.
Click--> HERE to find the details of the Layout Sketch Challenge.

This challenge was set by me (Deanne).
So many interpretation of this sketch are already in the gallery.
Click--> HERE to find the details of the Card Sketch Challenge.

Challenge #2
This challenge was set by Belle.
With Belle's challenges, you have to read the story behind her photos,
the story is just a awesome as her layouts.
Click--> HERE to find the details of this Challenge.

Challenge #3 Inspiration Challenge
The inspiration challenge was set by Tara...
The photo that Tara has used for the inspiration is just amazing!!!
Click--> HERE to find the details of the Inspiration Challenge.

Challenge #4 Step x Step Challenge
This challenge was set by Nicrus.
This is a great challenge to get the kids to help you with
Click--> HERE to find the details of the Step x Step Challenge.

Our Guest Designer Challenge this month was set by Tarrah.
(Channelikins in the forum)
Click--> HERE to find the details of the Guest Designer Challenge.

So pop on over and have a look, maybe it will inspire you to come join us.

You still have plenty of time to join in, as the deadline for uploading into the gallery is 12 Midnight ESDT on Monday the 12th of October.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Hi all,

Recently my husband Michael, daughter Madeleine and Mick's friend Glenn recorded an album under the band name Timeline.

Maddie sings, Michael plays guitar and Glenn plays bass (the percussion is synthesised).

Here is the link to their MySpace site where you can hear 4 of the songs.

Click there =>>

We are all blown away by the fantastic sound of Maddie's voice.

The songs were written by Michael. The vocals all arranged by Madeleine. Amazing, considering she is only 9!!

So, come and have a listen!!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Its been a long time between drinks . . . .

Wow, its been a while since I have been on here {blushing}.

I have been very busy and also very lazy!! I am teaching several days a week in the community now, so that keeps me on my toes. I teach knitting and crochet on Wednesdays and cardmaking on Mondays and twice on Thursdays. Next year I have the opportunity to teach a couple more days a week too, and hopefully that will pan out!

Since I am here, I thought I would share with you some things I have been creating and teaching. I have been away from my blog since March, so there is a lot to put up here! I will put it up over several days.

Also, its CC weekend at Little Scrapbook Shop this weekend, so I will pop my challenge up after it has gone 'live' (but that is another post :) ).

I also have some news on the Stampin' Up! front, but that is also a rant for another time.

Enjoy the photos to follow. Drop me a line and say hi - I'd love to hear from you.

This is a card created using bleach. (sorry, the pic is quite blurry - will fix asap)

Products used: Stampin' Up! stamps, RST verse stamp, Cuttlebug, distressing tool

The following cards were created for Little Scrapbook Shop.
Click on the photo to go to the forum for a closer look and product details.

This layout was created using an Artist Trading Card as the inspiration.
The gorgeous young man in the photo is Angus, the son of a good friend of mine, Jenni.
For a closer look and to see the rest of the collection I made using the set of ATCs,
click on the photo and it will take you to the LSBS forums where you will find
all the information about products etc.

This gorgeous calendar is a little something I created while away at Little Scrapbook Shop Retreat in August 2009. I love dragons and loved these chipboard dragons I found in the shop!
For more information about the products used, click on the photos and it will take you to the forums.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

oops, I did it again!

Once again I have neglected my blog. It has been a difficult couple of weeks here, starting with a shooting in the street, then I broke my big toe and then a close family friend passed away - all within the space of 36 hours!!

So, hopefully, starting today, I will feel more inclined to get onto updating.

I have some photos of some wonderful creations by my Uniting in Work ladies that I really want to share with you.

I have been inspired by Libby to come and get back into blogging. Libby's blog is always busy and updated with her wonderful creations. I have just printed off Libby's sketch challenge (click HERE to go and have a look) which is partly to help her celebrate 2 years of blogging! Libby also has heaps of links down the side of her page to all sorts of challenges and inspirational blogs. Why not pop over to her blog and take a look?

Anyway, I promise I will be more regular with the updates from now on!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Come and play 52 Pick Up with us

We currently have a 52 week challenge happening over at Little Scrapbook Shop called 52 Pick Up.

We don't want to tie you down with a lot of rules and regulations. We want you to create!

Here's the guidelines:

1. Challenges will be uploaded by the Design Team on Sunday evenings.
2. While challenges are to be uploaded weekly, you have 52 weeks to complete them all.
3. There will to be a variety of challenges. Inspiration, technique, and product based.
4. Layouts can be 8x8, 8x11.5, 6x12 and 12x12. They can be landscape or portrait.
5. There will also be card & OTP challenges.

And of course you want prizes right?!

The 52 Pick Up challenge is not a competition. It is not about being the 'best' scrapbooker or card maker. It is about completing 52 projects for the year. It is about encouraging you to do what you love to the best of your own ability.

We will be having 52 Pick Up Support Sessions on the last Sunday of every month.

At these sessions, one participant who has completed all set challenges preceeding the last Sunday of the month will be drawn out of a hat to receive a prize. You must have completed all the challenges in that period to be eligible.

At the end of the 52 Pick Up challenge, participants who have completed all challenges will be placed into a hat and one overall winner will be drawn out.

Along the way there will also be prizes for things like craftmanship, photography, encouragement, creativity and outstanding work.

We have a mega prize pool, and it's all going to you!

To find out more about it in detail, click HERE
To see the challenges that have been put up already and to watch for new challenges, click HERE
To pop in and join in with the Support Sessions or to read what was discussed at a previous session, click HERE
And to see who the random winners were for each session, click HERE

You can also pop over to see all the fantastic creations in the LSBS Gallery. Our participants have been creating up a storm and there are many totally fantastic layouts, OTP's and cards in the gallery.

Dr Seuss on the Loose!!!

I say, can you say . . . .
Dr Seuss is on the loose at Little Scrapbook Shop this coming weekend.

Be sure to come and join in the fun with us all weekend. Click on the image above and it will take you straight to the forum for the Cybercrop.

Hope to see you there!!


Hello everyone!!

I cannot believe I have neglected my blog for so long! I just could bring myself to be on here all the time - I seemed to spend all my time on the computer and no time creating!!

So I just disappeared for a while but now I am back!! WAHOO!

To get the ball rolling, I am going to put up a few posts to show you some things I have created over the last little while, I will share a glimpse into my craft room and you will find out all about the CyberCrop coming up this weekend at Little Scrapbook Shop.

At the moment I have one child home with the chicken pox (I sent one back to school today - she was off for just over a week and was very happy to get back to school today ;) ). Now I just have Zac home, but back to school on Monday for him.

So, bye for now, stay happy and healthy!!