Sunday, 8 April 2007

We got the Pox!!

Well, I have sooo not been interested in blogging (or much else lately actually). We are into week 3 or chicken pox in our house. Maddie had it first and had 3 weeks off school (we are now in the holdidays - 2 more weeks. Oh. Joy.)

Then, on Wednesday, Zac and Emily came down with it. Zac was hit pretty bad in the first 2 days with spots and high temps. Em just had one or 2 spots and we thought she would get off lightly.

Silly Us.

Emily is so sick poor thing. Her whole face is just covered in spots and they are all around her
eyes, nose and mouth. They also cover her scalp and her torso (back and front). She is worse hit than Zac, who has them pretty bad too. (Luckily, he has escaped to the grandparents for a week, so he can get lots of rest and quiet, so hopefully he'll recover fast).

Today I went to pick up my order from Cath at Little Scrapbook Shop and Cath, the big softie, gave me a HUGE bear for Emily (and Mad). These are the photos I took - the bear is as big, if not bigger, than Emily!!

Thanks Cath - it cheered Emily up so much!!!


Bon said...

Hope everyone is over the pox by now Deanne. That bear is gorgeous, its bigger than the girls.

Missty said...

Here's a reason to blog you've been tagged. Questions over at my blog