Thursday, 27 March 2014

Handmade Harbour Midweek Papercraft Party #30

Howdy bloggers!!

Long time, no hear from!! Its been a difficult few months here, with my shoulder (and hips) giving me some grief. I have missed out on a few Papercraft Parties, but hopefully, with my last cortisone shot in the shoulder done and dusted, things might just improve (it was bad for a few days there, after the shot, but things seem to have settled down now, nearly 2 weeks on). So, on with the post . . .

Our theme this week at Handmade Harbour is "Sunshine, rain or flowers". Well, I didn't have any rain-y or sunshine-y stamps from Handmade Harbour, but I do have a lovely stamp with lots of flowery goodness, #195 "flowers in a frame".

Here is the card I made - I jumped on the "card-in-a-box" bandwagon and made this one...

I printed some papers from Handmade Harbour too: "Ladybug Parade Natural". These papers print out so nicely, and I love how you can resize them to whatever size you like (I shrank mine down a bit to suit the size of the card). 

I printed a few copies of the flowers stamp, and blanked out the word "thanks" on the sentiment so I could write "hello" instead. The flowers are cut out individually and adhered to strips of clear plastic, which gives the illusion that they are standing up all on their own. Groovy, don't you think?

I used the stripey paper for the outside of the box (including the back).

I coloured in the flowers with my Crayola watercolour pencils, but didn't blend them at all - I liked the intense colours and didn't want them muddied or lightened.

There are plenty of tutorials out there for "card in a box" cards. I pinned a few to my "Cardmaking Inspiration" pinterest board (if you want to see, just click on the link up there on the left to get to my pinterest boards).

I hope I have inspired you to pop over to Handmade Harbour and join in with our weekly papercraft party!

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care and ciao for now,

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