Tuesday, 30 September 2008

LSBS Calendar Swap

Hi there Bloggers!

Today I am sharing my calendar page for Marg's calendar. The theme for this one is Happy Quotes. One of Marg's requests was to put a photo of yourself on the tag for the sign in page. Since I like this photo, I decided it would do. I think I will put it on the rest of any sign in tags for the remaining calendars.

As always, you can click on the image for an enlarged view.

Edited to add the products list (oops, forgot)!

The pink shimmery cardstock is Bazzill Bling. Not a fan of this stuff, but it actually looks really nice on this page.

Products used:
(note that all links will take you to Little Scrapbook Shop)
Cardstock: Bazzill Bling (pink), Bazzill Basics light pink, generic white textured
American Crafts Foam Thickers (giggle)
MME Garden Party Lush Blooms Accessory Sheet
(Die cut flowers)
Mini Ric Rac
Black Gel Pen (for the doodling)

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, 29 September 2008

I'm off on Holidays!!


Tomorrow I am off to my parents house without DH or the Kids!! Woohoo!!! A whole week of peace and quiet with my mum and dad.

The only downside is that, as I am going by train and bus, I can't cart my papercrafts along too :( . The upside is that I am taking my knitting instead, so hopefully I will get some projects finished, and started and finished on the way and while I am there.

It will actually be nice NOT to be driving it this time, as it takes anywhere from 5 to 7 hours (depending if the kid are with me and how often I need to stop along the way). Instead, I can just sit and relax, sleep, knit, read, whatever, for the entire trip. It is much longer (nearly 9 hours in total, including stops along the way) but at least I won't have to suffer through driver fatigue at the end of it.

So, while I will endeavour to post a few sneaky posts I have sitting in my drafts, I won't be able to post new piccies (unless I use mum and dads new camera ;) ). I will still pop in and say hello (if I have time *wink*).

Hope you have a lovely week - I know I will!!!


Saturday, 27 September 2008

Just a bit of fun

How fast can you type? Found this over on Paula's blog (in an older post).
Thought it would be a bit of fun.

70 words

Why don't you have a go, then come back here and leave a comment to tell my how fast YOU can type?

Have a great day.


Friday, 26 September 2008

Jaimee's Birthday Card

One of my kids had a birthday party to go to recently, and I needed to make a card for her friend.
Here is the card I made. It is a case from other cards I have made, using the same techniques.
You can click on the image for a larger view.

Stamps: Penny Black clear stamps "Critter Party";
Fiskars Clear stamps "Put on your party hat"
Inks: Stazon Jet Black, SU! Ballet Blue
Watercolour pencils
The clouds were created by cutting out a piece of paper with a scalloped edge and, using it like a mask, sponging from the top of the card to the bottom with the template and the Ballet Blue ink.
The cat was stamped onto a separate piece of white cardstock, coloured in, cut out and then mounted onto the clouds with mouning foam.
I stamped the happy birthday straight onto the card, then traced over the word with my Crystallina Kindyglitz. I also put the KG onto the balloons.

This is always one of my fave ways of making cards - simple but effective and with layers.

Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Steam Train zooms thru our station

Last weekend, a special event was planned where an old fashioned steam train would leave from Central Station in Sydney and travel to the Zig Zag Railway in the Blue Mountains.

Seeing as all our children are train nuts, my hubby thought it would be a great idea to take the kids down to our local station to watch the train go through. I let my son take my camera with him so he could get a few shots as it went through.Unfortunately, the train went through the station faster than a Tangara, so DS only managed to get a few shots before the darned train was gone!!!!

Anyway, the shots he did get were really good (I edited them a little to get clearer/closer views) and here they are for your viewing pleasure. As always, you can click on the images for a larger image.
Here it comes . . . .
Same photo, edited and zoomed in to get a better shot of the trainHeading out again . . . Going, going . . . . .
The kids loved watching the train go by - my youngest DD commented that there was even smoke coming out of the train (hehehe - the steam).

Bye again!!


Rak from Sheila

A while back, I received a beautiful card from Sheila, the MIL of one of my UIW ladies, Heather. Unfortunately, I forgot to upload it, but that is now fixed.

Before I show you the card, there is a little story behind it. . .

Each week at classes, all the ladies (including me) indulge in a little show and tell, and share our recent creations with the rest of the group. My ladies are a wonderfully talented group, and I wish I had photos of more of their creations to share with you, because they really are fantastic. Their specialities vary within the group and include things like: Pergamano (sp?), Iris folding, tea bag folding, stamping, stickers, pin pricking and the list goes on. (If I have missed one of your specialities ladies, please please let me know!!).

Now, Sheila only comes to the classes I hold in the holidays (sadly, none this term, as I am going to be away for both Mondays in the holidays - more on that in another post). Now, even in the holiday UIW group, we have show and tell. Sheila makes the most beautiful cards using sewing techniques. One particular day, she showed me some absolutely lovely cards and I am afraid I raved a bit about them (they really were so lovely!!).

Anyway, a few weeks later, I received one of those beautiful cards from Sheila. I was so shocked and blown away, because it was my favourite one out of the cards she showed me that day.

And here it is:

Isn't it just sooooo cute!!! This is a pin-pricking technique. From what I can see, you draw and colour in an image, then use matching threads to create the spirelli effect. I just love the little field mouse ont he wheat stalk.

Thank you so much for this beautiful card Sheila!!!!!


Going to be adding a few posts . . .

So please be patient with me.

I have lots of things I want to upload to my blog, so please forgive me if it is a bit overwhelming! You can always pop in now and again to have a look at each post.

Mainly, they are photos and creations I would like to share with you.

So, first off, here are the much better photos of the ATC's I recently completed, the details for which you will find in this post.

Swirly Curly swap
(No Crap Just Scrap Yahoo Group)
Vintage Swap
(Little Scrapbook Shop ATC Club)

My camera was much happier taking these photos at 9.30 in the morning that in the middle of the day. Odd.

Ciao for now

New photo - what do you think?

Hello again folks!!

I took a photo of myself the other day in my funky new PURPLE glasses. I really like this photo of me, even though I am not wearing any make-up. I have put it on the blog on the left there.

Let me know what you think.


October CyberCrop at Little Scrapbook Shop

Howdy bloggers!!

Just letting you know that we are busy organising the next Cybercrop at Little Scrapbook Shop.

Here is our fab poster which, as usual, was designed by the very talented Kerryn.

Hope to see you there!!!


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tag! You're it!!!

Hi there,
Just popped over the Smauge's blog and found that she has tagged everyone on her blog list. Since I am on there, I am tagged too lol.

The tag is quite simple - just list 7 random facts about yourself. So, I am going to do Smauge's trick and simply tag anyone on my blog list (or anyone who visits here really lol) who wants to play along. Simply list 7 random facts about YOU on your blog, and come back here to leave a comment on this post, to let me know you have done your list.

So, here are 8 Random Facts about ME (couldn't help it, just wanted to add one more hehehe):
1. I will be 40 this year!!
2. I know 6 ladies named Tracy (or Tracey)
3. I can play a 12 string guitar and taught myself to play guitar in 5 minutes (I kid you not lol).
4. My starsign is Scorpio
5. I am a fantasy fiction fan (Christopher Paolini, David Eddings, you get the picture)
6. I believe I have undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome (not surprising that my son is diagnosed with the same disorder) and I strongly suspect some of my family members also have AS.
7. I have so many hobbies that I am rarely bored (sewing, knitting, crochet, applique and quilting, folk art painting, movies, scrapbooking, making OTP items, cardmaking, stamping, computers, collecting fabric and habberdashery items, reading (fantasy fiction, historical romance, murder mysteries).
8. I love mathematics (but still gon't get Sukoku!).

So, I hope you will play along - I love learning little things about people, simply cos I am a curious little person loL!!

Take care until next time,


Arrgh!! Its a conspiracy!! (sort of. .. . )

Hello there everyone,

Well I have not done any proper creating for a while, and it feels like the world is conspiring against me!!!

Well, not really, but it seems that just when I think I can finally get down and do some stuff, something else comes along *rolling my eyes*

Have not been able to teach Uniting in Work for 3 weeks now, and I really miss my ladies :( .
First I was very ill, then my kids, then Emily again this week. (Yes, she is fine now). Then, the new book "Brisinger" in the Eragon series came out on Saturday. I am a total fantasy fiction addict and love this author, Christopher Paolini. So, not only did I get the third book in the series, but the first 2, so I could read them again before the 3rd. So, I spent all Sunday and part of Monday reading book 1 "Eragon" then the rest of Monday reading book 2 "Eldest". Then all of yesterday and part of today reading the third book. I really thought it was the last one, alas, it is not - there will be a fourth book. Ah well, I am kind of glad, it means the series will live on for a bit longer, but I really hate having to wait for the next book.

Anyway, now that that small obsession is now out of my system, I can sit down and get some creating done again.

Except that little Jack is unwell. We had our first scary trip to the Vet today, as he has been limping, shaking and off his food. He was fine yesterday, but may have been stung be a bee. Vet gave him a shot of anti-inflammatry something and something for allergic reaction and he is on antibiotics for 10 days. Poor baby. At least he loves me. He was a good boy at the vet, but meowed all the way there and back again in the car (I don't think he enjoys the movement - me either lol). He is next to me in his basket - follows me everywhere. Hope he gets better soon.

Oh, and soon, I will have some exciting news to share too (no, I am not pregnant lol).

So, until next time, Take care


Saturday, 20 September 2008

Look at Jack now!!!

Hello again!!

Remember how teeny tiny my little KittyCat Jack was when we got him? No?
Well, here is a photo of him way back when we got him at the beginning of March when he was 5 weeks old . . .Wasn't he just the cutest teensy little thing??

And, here he is in May, getting a little bigger, but still a cutie patootie . . .
And this is our lovely Jack yesterday, 19 September. He is still not quite fully grown (he is now 7 months old), so I think he is going to be one very large kitty.
He is so gorgeous, but very hard to photograph (as any of you with a black cat will know). He is very sleek and panther-like in the face and I think he is a very handsome kitty cat.

If any of you are familiar with the stories Hairy Maclairy from Donaldson's Dairy, then you will know the character called Slinky Malinky - a mischevious black cat with a kink in his tail. Well, our Jack reminds us very much of Slink Malinky, because he can be a rascally cat sometimes.

Ok, well, thats it for me for another day.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


ATC Swap shares

Hi everyone!
Today I am sharing some more ATC's I finished in the last couple of days. Sorry about the crappo quality of the photos, for some reason my camera really hates the quality of the light at 1.30pm in the afternoon. Will try to get some better photos later on.

In the meantime, here they are for your enjoyment (sort of lol)

This one is for the Swirly Curly swap on No Crap Just Scrap Yahoo Group.
Products used:
Flourishes (KaiserCraft Clear Stamps)
Butterfly & Lady bug from Garden 2 (Pink Cat Studio)
KaiserCraft Round Gems
Glossy Accents
White Gel Pen

This one is for the Vintage swap for the Little Scrapbook Shop ATC Club.
Products used:
Little Girl unmounted stamp (The Stampsmith)
Text stamp unmounted (The Stampsmith)
Sepia Inkpad
Prima Flowers
Brads (unknown)

Thanks for visiting today. Hope you are having a great weekend.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Back to normal programming!

Good morning bloggers!!

Today marks the beginning of normal life routines again, as I say toodly-oodly to my youngest DD who is finally back to school today. We have all had mycoplasma pneumonia, which is why we were all so sick. Mad went back to school yesterday and I have never seen so many people be so happy to see her!

Unfortunately, it looks like (well, sounds like actually) DH may be coming down with it now, but he is bravely fighting it off without antibiotics, but I think he is losing the battle. I suspect it will be off to the doctors for him on Saturday for a course of medication. *sigh*

Oh well, at least the girls are back to school and I can get some semblance of "normalcy" back into my days.

Now, to find my desk again and start creating!

Have a lovely day,


Monday, 15 September 2008

More Friendship Cards

Good morning!
Today I am sharing some more friendship cards I made for Little Scrapbook Shop.

All links will take you to Little Scrapbook Shop.

Products used for all cards:
~ KaiserCraft Card Pack - blue
~ Bazzill Basics cardstock - pink
~ KaiserCraft Pearls
~ Kelly Panacci Clear Stamps "Friends" & acrylic block
~ Stazon Inkpad - Jet Black
~ Adhesive- Express It double sided tape
Additional products are listed under the individual cards

Elegant Friends

Additional Products used:
~ KI Memories Bloom Frosty Lace cardstock "twirl white"
~ Autumn Leaves French Twist pp - "Blue Twist"
~ Mini rik rak - blue
~ Black & white gel pens
~ Adhesives- mounting foam, Pritt Power Gel (to adhere the rik rak)

~ Trimmed the lace cardstock and adhered to the 'blue twist' pp. Trace around the pattern with the black pen then around the edge of the piece with the stazon inkpad.
~ stamped 'friends' onto a scrap of pink bazzill in black, then drew around the outside with a white gel pen. This panel is then adhered with foam tape

Flower Friends
Additional Products used:
~ Cactus Pink Ribbon "Race"
~ Mini rik rak - blue
~ Prima flowers

~ Stamped the words repeatedly onto the pink bazzill.
~ Adhered the wide ribbon to the lower part and then used the blue rik rak as a border.
~ went around the edges of the bazzill and base card with the stazon inkpad.

Best FriendsAdditional Products used:
~ KI Memories Frosty Lace cardstock "flutter white"
~ Basic Grey pp Euphoria "Elysian"
~ White gel pen

~ Trimmed 2 butterflies from the lace card stick and adhered them to the Euphoria pp along their bodies. Bent the wings a little to shape them
~ Used the white gel pen to colour in the word "best" and traced around the outside of the word "friends"
~ went around all the edges with the stazon inkpad.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Calendar Swap page

Hi everyone,
Here is a quick share. I just completed another calendar in the Little Scrapbook Shop forums 2009 Calendar Swap.

This calendar is for Scrappinshell. It is actually for her good friend and it is all her grandsons. This is my page.

As always, you can click on the images for larger, clearer views.

Products used:
Patterned paper by MME (I used both sides)
Rubons by KaiserCraft
Alpha stickers by Reminisce
Black & white gel pens for doodling.

Thanks for dropping by. Don't be shy, leave a comment cos I would love to hear from you.


Friendship Cards

Hello everyone,
Today I am sharing some cards I made for Little Scrapbook Shop.

In my September DT pack, I received THESE fabbo stamps, plus some cards, ribbons and some patterned papers.

Here are the cards that I have made so far. All the links will take you to Little Scrapbook Shop.
Remember, you can click on the images for a larger, clearer view.
Products used for all cards
~ Kelly Panacci Clear Stamps "Friends" & acrylic block
~ KaiserCraft Card Pack - blue
~ KaiserCraft Pearls
~ Autumn Leaves French Twist pp - "Blue Twist"
~ Adhesive - Express It double sided tape
Other: Sepia Inkpad

Best Friends Forever
Additional products used:

~ Kaisercraft large paper flowers
~ white gel pen


* Stamped onto the flower
* coloured in the word "Best"and highlighted the "4ever" with the gel pen
* sponged the edges of the pp and based card with sepia ink

Always and forever Friends
Additional products used:

~ Medium and light pink bazzill
~ Mini white rik rak
~ Kelly Panacci Clear Stamps "Borders"
~ Mounting foam


* the flowers were stamped repeatedly onto the AL pp and onto pink Bazzill then cut out individually.
Some are stuck down with tape and others with mounting foam
* I used a border stamp to create the stems of the flowers
* edges of the pink bazzill and base card are sponged with sepia ink.

Additional Products Used:

~ light pink bazzill
~ Kaisercraft large paper flowers
~ Mini white rik rak
~ Mounting foam

* Stamped the word "Friends" onto pink bazzill, cut it out and mounted it onto the card with foam.
* edges of the pink bazzill, blue pp and base card are sponged with sepia ink.

Have a happy day,

Saturday, 13 September 2008

New Stamps!!!!!!!

Teehee!! I just love stamps!!! Did you know that????? hehehe.

Yes, of course you did lol. Well, I recently got myself some of the fabbo new KaiserCraft range of clear stamps. Just love clear stamps. Well, I love ALL stamps, but acrylics are my current love (obsession).

I bought these great stamps over at Little Scrapbook Shop. They are great value and I find the Kaiser stamps really good quality.

Sorry, some of the photos are not very good (I was not well when I took the photos).

Can't wait to play with these ones!!!!

Have a great day!


Friday, 12 September 2008

Get Well Soon card from Wirgie

Howdy again!
My beautiful friend Wirg sent me this lovely card the other day. What a good friend to go to the trouble to make and send me a card when I am feeling totally crapola!!!!

Isn't it lovely? Its all in purples too, my favourite colour.

Thanks so much my sweet friend. It put a smile on my face.
My girls were pretty impressed too!!!

Ciao for now,

Feathered Friends ATC Swap

Hello again!
I recently participated in an ATC swap on StampHappy called "Feathered Friends". You saw the ATCs I made for this swap HERE. Well, here is a photo of the lovely ATC's I received in return. Aren't they lovely!!

Remember, you can click on the image for a larger, clearer view.

These ATCs are from the following ladies, clockwise from top left: Pauline Laing; Elizabeth White; Pam Peters; Sue Bunt; Nikki (the Paper Pixie); Sandra McKenna.

These are all so lovely and are more fab cards to add to my collection.

Have a great day!


!-4-1 ATC Swaps on StampHappy

Well, I am starting to feel much more like myself today. Still have a cough, but the new meds seem to be helping and I am starting to feel better.

To start the ball rolling again on my blog, I am going to be sharing some swaps and things I have received, as well as some cards I made for LSBS. They will be on separate posts to make viewing easier.

First up I have some 1-4-1 ATC's I have received from some talented ladies from the StampHappy Yahoo group. For those who don't know, a 1-4-1 swap means one for one. In other words, you make and send one person something and they make and send you something in return, instead of making lots of the same thing to be swapped with lots of people.

So, you saw the returns I made a while back HERE, but I never managed to photograph the ATC's I have received. Now, for your viewing pleasure, here they are, in no particular order:

From Carolyn Weiss
Isn't this koala cute, especially the way the leaf moves.

Vikki Whittington
Roz Veevers
Jude Wagner
Rikki Showell
Barb Dare
Thanks so much ladies for these beautiful ATCs. They make a lovely addition to my ever growing collection!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hello, I'm back in the land of the living. Sort of.

Hello there everyone in blogland.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment or emailed me at home or left a nice comment for me over at the Little Scrapbook Shop forums.

I am slowly on the mend. Today I emerged into the land of the living once more. I have not spent so long in bed sick for at least 8 years (since I had mastitis after Maddie was born, in fact). Thank goodness for painkiller drugs and antibiotics, without which I would still be feeling morbidly ill (even if, in reality, I wasn't) and would still be in bed in a haze of illness and pain.

I still don't have my voice back. Ha ha! my girls would say, if they weren't sick too!! Yep, that's right. My poor babes are both sick now. They have got throat infections too (though not anywhere near as serious as mine thank goodness) and poor little Em has an ear infection too. I know that they really are sick, cos they really wanted to go home after visiting the doctors today and then both slept for a couple of hours after we got home - unheard of from either of them normally!!

They are now also on antibiotics and I have to keep them home for a few days to get better.
Lucky for me, my wonderful husband was able to take yesterday and today off work to care for me and the girls. He has to go back to work tomorrow, so I am glad that I am at least on the mend, even if I do still feel poorly.

So, Thanks again for stopping by. Hopefully my blog will be back to normal prgramming tomorrow (ie, I will be able to upload some stuff, if I have the energy to make something lol).

For now, stay healthy and happy!


Saturday, 6 September 2008

Just quickly. . . .

Hi all,
Today is just a quick post to say I am really sick, so haven't got the energy to upload anything today. Maybe later if I feel a bit better.

Hope you are all having a better weekend that me lol!!

Take care and ciao for now,


Thursday, 4 September 2008

Stamphappy Swap


Today I am sharing a card (front) I created for a Swap on StampHappy. The theme is simply "Roller Stamp (Any Brand)". So, I chose this fence roller from Rollergraph. It was my first ever roller years ago, and is still one of my faves, even thought I don't use it as often as I ought to.

As usual, you can click on the images for a larger view.

Cardstock (lilac Bazzill, purple Office Works)
Watercolour paper (Arches 300gsm)*
Rollergraph stamp
Stazon Inkpad - Jet Black
Heidi Grace Stamps (friend) "Urban Acres Blvd"
Butterfly stamps (Avon)
Black gel pen
Watercolor pencils (Crayola) & waterbrush

*This is some of the best quality watercolour paper I have ever come across!
I would recommend this to anyone who love the SU! Watercolour paper.
You can buy Arches in pad (as I did) in sizes ranging from A5 to A3.
I bought mine at Eckersleys. Love that shop!

Have a great day!


Just a quick one . . .

Good morning!
This is just a quick post to say thanks to Libby at Libby's Crafty Scraps for nominating me for the I love your blog award!!

Thanks so much Libby!

Lucky me, this is the third time I have been given this award!! Thanks to the gals who love my blog :) . The cute award is over there -----> on the right hand side of my blog.

Who gave me this award? Pop over to these blogs to check them out. . .
Libby's Crafty Scraps (Libby)
Sandie's Place (Sandie)
Vanilla Essence (Vanilla)

Ciao for now!
Have a great day!


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Origami Folded Shirt Birthday Card

Hi bloggers!!
Today I am sharing a card I created for Little Scrapbook Shop Step by Step Techniques for Cards & Scrapbook pages.

Products used: (all links will take you to Little Scrapbook Shop)
Patterned paper (I used MME Signature Life)
Bone scorer
Bazzill (in brown and blue/green)
Brown mini brads - for "buttons" (I used a piercing tool to make the holes in the shirt for these)
Stazon Inkpad (Timber Brown)
Kelly Panacci Clear Stamps (Sentiments) + acrylic block
Adhesive - double sided tape

If you would like to see step by step instructions on how to create one these cute little shirts, just click HERE to go to the LSBS forums, where you will find my step by step instructions with photos.

Thanks for dropping by today!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

UIW Class Monday 1st September 2008

Hi everyone,
Today I am sharing the card my ladies made on Monday. With Fathers' Day this weekend, the ladies wanted a male card that could be adapted for any occasion.

This card is based on another tag shaped card I made a couple of years ago.
Don't forget you can click on the images for a larger view.

Cardstock from SU!: Basic Black, Close to Cocoa, Creamy Caramel, Really Rust
Copper eyelets (unknown)
Copper sheeting (from Stampabit)
Copper Leafing pen (from Stampabit)
"Carte Postale" Stamp set (SU!)
Stylus (embossing tool) & foam mat
White Gel Pen (SU!)
Adhesives - tiny foam dots, double sided tape

Ooops forgot to tell you how to make it lol!
Cut a piece of folded A5 black cardstock to created a tag-shaped card
each of the subsequent layers were trimmed to this shape as well.
Trim a piece of copper sheeting to measure 6x6cm.
Stamp the image in the centre and heat set with a heat gun.
Using the stylus and foam mat, I traced around the stamped image, then turned it over and embossed it with an embossing tool (you can use a larger stylus for this too). I also added some texture to the outer frame.
I put tiny foam dots in each petal and in the centre of the flower and ordinary tape around the frame.
The eyelets were set with the cropadile.
I went around the edge of the black card and the first layer (Creamy Caramel) with the leafing pen.

Have a great day!