Thursday, 25 September 2008

October CyberCrop at Little Scrapbook Shop

Howdy bloggers!!

Just letting you know that we are busy organising the next Cybercrop at Little Scrapbook Shop.

Here is our fab poster which, as usual, was designed by the very talented Kerryn.

Hope to see you there!!!


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Phree said...

Hi and thank you for the comment on my blog. I am glad I am not the only person out here who willing to put up with both the captcha (which I admit can be frustrating at times) and comment moderation. I refuse to make life easy on those who would abuse my blog with spam hence the captcha. I moderate comments so as not to inflict profanity or any other form on nastiness on the innocent. Both forms of security combine and help to protect not only me, but anyone who visits my blog from the nastiness that is sadly so common on the internet. Unmoderated comments can be left by anyone out there and some delight in leaving messages aimed at causing harm and upset.

Seeing the increasing numbers who seem to think that the Captcha is simply a waste of their time worries me, sure they can moderate comments, but the arugment that it is a rudeness to visitors to one's blog just does not hold water. That is akin to saying it is rude of one's freinds to expect you knock on their door then wait till they come to unlock it and let you in to their home. If someone wants to use the maximum level of security they can on their blog then I respect that individuals right to make that choice and do not withold comments they deserve to receive in praise of the art work they display on thir blog simply because they expected me to type in a few letters in order to show I am a human and not a malicious spamming programme.