Monday, 29 September 2008

I'm off on Holidays!!


Tomorrow I am off to my parents house without DH or the Kids!! Woohoo!!! A whole week of peace and quiet with my mum and dad.

The only downside is that, as I am going by train and bus, I can't cart my papercrafts along too :( . The upside is that I am taking my knitting instead, so hopefully I will get some projects finished, and started and finished on the way and while I am there.

It will actually be nice NOT to be driving it this time, as it takes anywhere from 5 to 7 hours (depending if the kid are with me and how often I need to stop along the way). Instead, I can just sit and relax, sleep, knit, read, whatever, for the entire trip. It is much longer (nearly 9 hours in total, including stops along the way) but at least I won't have to suffer through driver fatigue at the end of it.

So, while I will endeavour to post a few sneaky posts I have sitting in my drafts, I won't be able to post new piccies (unless I use mum and dads new camera ;) ). I will still pop in and say hello (if I have time *wink*).

Hope you have a lovely week - I know I will!!!



Annierose said...

It's always relaxing spending time with parents! Hope you have a wonderful time! I took my scrapping trolley on the train with me last year - just put it in the baggage compartment - bit different from the plane baggage, it was well looked after!

Annie xx

Wirg's Creative World said...

Have a wonderful time Deanne, enjoy the journeys there and back and being with your Mum & Dad.
loads of hugs and love,
Wirgie x x x

smauge said...

I still don't know where you're going! But have fun anyway!

Jane said...

Have a great time, you deserve it!

Tracy said...

Have a wonderful time Dee :) So happy for you that you got to go!!!
Enjoy, relax and laugh lots
Trac x

helenj said...

Have an awesome relaxing time !!!!!!!!!!