Saturday, 20 September 2008

Look at Jack now!!!

Hello again!!

Remember how teeny tiny my little KittyCat Jack was when we got him? No?
Well, here is a photo of him way back when we got him at the beginning of March when he was 5 weeks old . . .Wasn't he just the cutest teensy little thing??

And, here he is in May, getting a little bigger, but still a cutie patootie . . .
And this is our lovely Jack yesterday, 19 September. He is still not quite fully grown (he is now 7 months old), so I think he is going to be one very large kitty.
He is so gorgeous, but very hard to photograph (as any of you with a black cat will know). He is very sleek and panther-like in the face and I think he is a very handsome kitty cat.

If any of you are familiar with the stories Hairy Maclairy from Donaldson's Dairy, then you will know the character called Slinky Malinky - a mischevious black cat with a kink in his tail. Well, our Jack reminds us very much of Slink Malinky, because he can be a rascally cat sometimes.

Ok, well, thats it for me for another day.

Enjoy the rest of your day.



smauge said...

LOL thos photos are hilarious! Time to get Jack a new bed?

Shelee said...

Oh wow - how funny! Holly has outgrown her basket too! What a gorgeous kitty. He looks so lovable and cuddly.

Allison said...

Great series of photos!

My parents had a black cat called Bomber - so named because of his habit, starting when he was tiny, of hiding behind things and jumping out to attack the legs of anyone passing by.

He was psycho. And absolutely huge. And very spoiled!

Anonymous said...

lol. How cute are those photos! They grow up so fast don't they lol. Definitely looks like a Slinky Malinky!

Wirg's Creative World said...

How handsome Jack is! Wow what a difference from the tiny little kitty in the first photo to now. He so gorgeous though and fun to watch. Cracks me up when he's trying to get under the rug D. LOL. Oh sigh, we went through a pet shop yesterday too. The only thing hubby agreed on was a fish. Then he said but ya can't eat it, ppfft men!
Wirgie x x

Annierose said...

What great photos Deanne! Really shows the growth of Jack!

Cats are so funny - our cat, Gypsy Rose - is such a character and her growth from a tiny kitten to a big (scaredy) cat has been amazing also!

Hope you are keeping well!

Annie xx