Thursday, 25 September 2008

Rak from Sheila

A while back, I received a beautiful card from Sheila, the MIL of one of my UIW ladies, Heather. Unfortunately, I forgot to upload it, but that is now fixed.

Before I show you the card, there is a little story behind it. . .

Each week at classes, all the ladies (including me) indulge in a little show and tell, and share our recent creations with the rest of the group. My ladies are a wonderfully talented group, and I wish I had photos of more of their creations to share with you, because they really are fantastic. Their specialities vary within the group and include things like: Pergamano (sp?), Iris folding, tea bag folding, stamping, stickers, pin pricking and the list goes on. (If I have missed one of your specialities ladies, please please let me know!!).

Now, Sheila only comes to the classes I hold in the holidays (sadly, none this term, as I am going to be away for both Mondays in the holidays - more on that in another post). Now, even in the holiday UIW group, we have show and tell. Sheila makes the most beautiful cards using sewing techniques. One particular day, she showed me some absolutely lovely cards and I am afraid I raved a bit about them (they really were so lovely!!).

Anyway, a few weeks later, I received one of those beautiful cards from Sheila. I was so shocked and blown away, because it was my favourite one out of the cards she showed me that day.

And here it is:

Isn't it just sooooo cute!!! This is a pin-pricking technique. From what I can see, you draw and colour in an image, then use matching threads to create the spirelli effect. I just love the little field mouse ont he wheat stalk.

Thank you so much for this beautiful card Sheila!!!!!


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