Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Arrgh!! Its a conspiracy!! (sort of. .. . )

Hello there everyone,

Well I have not done any proper creating for a while, and it feels like the world is conspiring against me!!!

Well, not really, but it seems that just when I think I can finally get down and do some stuff, something else comes along *rolling my eyes*

Have not been able to teach Uniting in Work for 3 weeks now, and I really miss my ladies :( .
First I was very ill, then my kids, then Emily again this week. (Yes, she is fine now). Then, the new book "Brisinger" in the Eragon series came out on Saturday. I am a total fantasy fiction addict and love this author, Christopher Paolini. So, not only did I get the third book in the series, but the first 2, so I could read them again before the 3rd. So, I spent all Sunday and part of Monday reading book 1 "Eragon" then the rest of Monday reading book 2 "Eldest". Then all of yesterday and part of today reading the third book. I really thought it was the last one, alas, it is not - there will be a fourth book. Ah well, I am kind of glad, it means the series will live on for a bit longer, but I really hate having to wait for the next book.

Anyway, now that that small obsession is now out of my system, I can sit down and get some creating done again.

Except that little Jack is unwell. We had our first scary trip to the Vet today, as he has been limping, shaking and off his food. He was fine yesterday, but may have been stung be a bee. Vet gave him a shot of anti-inflammatry something and something for allergic reaction and he is on antibiotics for 10 days. Poor baby. At least he loves me. He was a good boy at the vet, but meowed all the way there and back again in the car (I don't think he enjoys the movement - me either lol). He is next to me in his basket - follows me everywhere. Hope he gets better soon.

Oh, and soon, I will have some exciting news to share too (no, I am not pregnant lol).

So, until next time, Take care



smauge said...

Cat tip - When in a car in their cage (or box or whatever) cover it with a blanket. If they can't see the car moving they don't freak out!

Jane said...

Hope Jack's okay, can't wait for your exciting news!! I also hope life gets back to normal for you soon, what is normal anyway?
Take care