Saturday, 6 September 2008

Just quickly. . . .

Hi all,
Today is just a quick post to say I am really sick, so haven't got the energy to upload anything today. Maybe later if I feel a bit better.

Hope you are all having a better weekend that me lol!!

Take care and ciao for now,



Sue said...

Hi Deanne, just sending you a "get well soon" thought. Hope you're feeling better and chat later. Sue.
PS. Thanks again for you help!

Jane said...

I bet that walk didn't help! sorry dear, hope you're better soon.

Annierose said...

Sounds like your body is telling you to take a break and get a good rest ... time to nurture yourself Deanne! Take care, hope to have your bright and cheery 'voice' back online again soon!

Annie xx

AGA said...

Hi Deanne, hope you feel better soon!
((hugs)) Aga

Sue said...

Hi Deanne, you're alive! lol welcome back :) I sent you the card I made from the images you sent me. Hope you receive it. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks. Sue.

PS... Glad you received my card in the post thanks you for you comment on my blog! :)