Monday, 21 June 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick note to say HELLO!!

No-Sew Blanket Update
My wonderful blanket is coming along beeeeutifully! I have finished all the squares and have started the edging. I have a photo of the finished squares plus the first 2 rows of the edging (red). I will take another photo asap showing where I am now up to for you to see. No pics yet, as they are still in my camera.

Charity Blanket Squares
We have lots and lots of squares now for our blanket. It is going to look so terrific. I have an updated photo of all the squares and those in-progress also. Again, the pics are still in my camera, and I will upload them asap!!

Just wanted to let you know I haven't fallen off the world again, just need a breather to stop and upload.

Take care and ciao for now,

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