Sunday, 6 June 2010

Time to getting knitting now. . .

Oh, well, it really isn't that tragic, but I have so been enjoying my hooking.

Turns out the scarf I knitted for Zac last year irritates his skin (hello, why didn't he tell me that a year ago???) and now I need to make him a scarf in yarn that doesn't irritate. Due to his AS, Zac has sensory issues (bit like me actually) and there are some things he just cannot cope with. Skin irritants is one of them. So, I have pulled out some red and black fluffy yarn (a bit like "eyelash" or "feathers yarn") and my 15mm needles to whip him up a scarf today. Should only take a couple of hours on needles this large.

Here's a pic for you. I have cast 15 stitches onto my bamboo needles. This size is rather awkward to knit with and I have to hold them like a knife and fork but at least its quick :).

In the meantime, Zed is wearing one of my older scarves thats was given to me by my friend Tracy (it was a re-gifted gift as she didn't need it). Soft and fluffy for him and it has stopped his whining for now hehehe.

See you all again soon,

Take care and ciao for now,

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Clare said...

Oh my goodness is that really you Dee???? as soon as i started following you stopped blogging! good to see you are back. Thankyou for your kind comments on my blog hon. Hugs Clare xxx