Friday, 11 February 2011

Cards and blankets. . . .

I have so much I want to share, but today will be a card and my no sew granny blankets, all complete.

First I would like to share the card I taught to my Thursday group yesterday. It is such a cute little card. I got the idea from StampOwl's blog (France Byrne). This is such a great blog, lots of inspiration there and well worth a visit. I am teaching this card to my UIW class on Monday too, just in time for Valentine's Day :)
And without further ado, here is Madeleine's no-sew granny blanket finished!! Yay! I love the colours in this (the camera didn't capture the true to life colours, but you get the idea)
I used Mint Green on this blanket (and Emily's which I will show you in a minute) which was much nicer than the Olive Green I used in mine (wasn't available when I bought all the yarn for my blanket).

And here is a close up of the edging on Maddie's blanket. I love the rainbow colours. The edging on this is quite striking and this is the pattern I intend to use when I make my wavy granny blanket (Chevron style)
Below is a photo of Emily's blanket. You will notice that the border is nowhere as nice as Maddie's and that is because Emily was so impatient to have it, she didn't want to wait for me to finish the edging. The upside is that now I can tell them apart. They are the same size and the colours are on a slightly different orientation, but there is no way I would have been able to tell whose was whose without a lable.
See, only 4 rows of edfing in 2 colours. Emily likes it, so I guess that's all that matters, yes?
And just as a reminder, here is my original no-sew granny. I just adore this blanket, which now lives on my ugly old couch (much prettier that the couch underneath). The original inspiration for thes blanket came from Attic24 blog. Lucy has such a wonderful blog, with so much colour inspiration, I thoroughly recommend a visit, even if you aren't inclined to hook along. Lucy has such a wonderful outlook on life, she is like a breath of fresh air :)
And this is my edging. I love the way the colours all blending and merge together. This edging made the blanket very heavy to complete and made my RSI flare up. However, I love it to pieces and doubt I would've done it differently had I known it was going to cause that.
Oh, and last, but not least, here is Zac holding the blue and white blanket I made for him last year (after mine and before Emily's). I used the same basic design as my own, but added 3 larger squares in there for something a big different. I love how this came out and so does Zac (see that big smile on his face??) I also knitted that beanie he is wearing. I do love to knit too :)
So that's it, my share for today. Stay tuned for more card shares in the coming days.

Take care and ciao for now,


StampOwl said...

awesome card Deanne, thanks for including a link to my blog too and your kind words :)

'Joyce' said...

Hi Dee, lovely card. And as for the blankets - holy cow girl - I am almost finished a rainbow blanket myself. Our borders are rather VERY similar. I love them. You just gotta love that rainbow combo. Have a great weekend at your place.

Attic24 said...

oooooooooooooo such gorgeousness!!!! Lovely, beautiful, hooky rainbow blankies, truly beautiful deanne ♥

I tuck my Little B up in his every night, it warms my heart, I hope yoru girls treasure their blankies.

lovely visiting with you

Michelle said...

You are the crotchet queen!! Gorgeous blankies!!