Thursday, 24 March 2011

nee naw nee naw crochet emergency!!

Long time no posts!!

here's my latest update:

Completed: 4 no-sew grannies (me, Zac, Em & Mad); one no-sew teeny granny squares cushion front (gotta sew the back on and find a suitable huge cushion to fill it).
Current projects: Rainbow chevron blanket for me; purple, blue & white chevron for my nephew & niece-in-law-to-be as a wedding gift (needs to be completed for 21s May!! eek); lots of teeny little flowers to decorate the front of some knitting needle and crochet hook roll ups (need to be completed before 1st April!).

Busy busy busy!!

Now I have a question, which I'll get to in a minute. As I said just up there ^ I am making some needle and hook rolls. I am selling these at a community market in a couple of weeks. I posed a question on my facebook wall yesterday(?) about how to decorate the outside. Some suggested stamping (nope, the fabrics are textured), some said ribbons (they are tied with ribbon) and Rachel (Pepper) stated the obvious answer I should have thought of in the first place - crocheting a couple of little flowers. Well, derr me lol.

So, now I have settled on the little flowers (which I am quite enjoying making, by the way), my next question is: which side - left or right - should I sew them to??

Do you (or would you) roll yours from the left to the right or from the right to the left??? I roll mine from the left side to the right, so my own would be decorated on the outside of the right-hand side. But does everyone roll that way? Would that put off any lefties out there from using one that rolls up that way? Or is it as case of "6 of one, half a dozen of another?"

Don't know what a needle roll is? HERE is a link to a search in google images which might help

I have posted this question over in the Little Scrapbook Shop forums too, in the "Hookers & Knitwits Unite" thread.

That's my dilemma. Can anyone help?

Take care and ciao for now,


Tara said...

Looks lovely Dee!

Wirg's Creative World 2011 said...

Nice new look Dee. Love the little rolls for the crochet hooks. You know, I don't think it makes a lot of difference which way. I spose it depends if a person's left handed or right, make sence? Is this like the one Aunty Rae has? I didn't pay attention to which way she unrolled hers. It's all good really. x x

Jenni's Space said...

being a leftie myself Dee i will tell you it doesn't really matter, the needle roll i made for myself i roll up left to right because thats the design, if i bought one and it was designed to roll the other way, then i would just use it the way it was designed to roll, i think most people would be the same - can't wait to see them all finished, i might even have to buy one for myself......just in case i catch the disease of hooking someday LOL!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Ah, thanks Jenni. That was kinda what I was wondering about and you have answered the dilemma. I will just make them how we did our needles rolls.
Thanks Tara and Wirgie for the feedback.