Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Zachary!!

Today my "little boy" turned 16!!! Wow, it still seems like only yesterday that I was looking at my baby in NICU and then holding this scary little person in my arms!

So much has happened in our lives since Zac was born, and we are all better for it. We are so proud of you Zac. You are growing up into a wonderful, sweet, caring and thoughtful young man. You are a wonderfully talented musician, a great older brother and a terrific son. Our lives are richer and fuller because you are here.

To think how Zac started of very precariously - he ingested meconium in utero before he was born and was very sick and spent his first 4 days in intensive care. I didn't even get to see what he looked like until he was 3 hours old and one of the nurses took a polaroid photo and brought it to me.

Here is a layout I made using a scan of that photo. . . .

And here he is a couple of weeks ago - a strapping, 6'1" and still growing!

Hope you have a wonderful day Zac!! We love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Zac! Love the LO too Deanne :)

Missty said...

Cool page Deanne, love the B&W goes so well with the photo (pity it was all you were allowed to see of him.

Hope Zac has been having a wonderful 16th Birthday. Wow hey he'll be driving off into the sunset before you know it (eek the way time flies so will my boys)

Jane said...

Oh my goodness how tall is he!! I think I first met him when he was 11? and still a little boy, you'll have to move to a house with taller ceilings LOL

Happy 16th Birthday Zack,sweet sixteen and never been kissed before hmmmm?


smauge said...

Happy birthday Zac - such a scary start to life makes the celebration so much more important!

AGA said...

It's scary how fast they grow up!
belated - but happy birthday wishes Zac :)