Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Uniting in Work 12.10.08

Hi all,
Our classes for Term 4 have resumed at Uniting in Work. It was lovely to see all the ladies again, especially since I missed the last 3 weeks of term last term due to illness.

A couple of our regulars were missing (Joan, Henny and Tina) as they could not make it yesterday and Sonja joined us again this term (Sonja is usually with the Scrapbooking group). Jenni also started with us *waving*. Great to see your there Jenni!

For our class, we did two quick and easy Christmas cards. We will be doing a few Christmas themed cards this term. The ladies did a great job, as usual, and a few of them changed their cards a little (for the better, I think!)

Here are the cards the ladies madeAnd here they all are, holding their creations.
From left to right back row: (half of) Barb, Pat, Sonja and Heather
From left to right, bottom row: Kristel and JenniFrom left to right: Julie, Pam, Audrey and Barb
Thanks for stopping by today!



Missty said...

Looks like everyone had a great time and made some lovely cards, you are all VERY lucky.

Annierose said...

Their enthusiasm is the result of your passion and generosity Deanne!

What a lovely group!

Annie xx

Jenni's Space said...

Great pic Dee, i had such fun with these ladies, thanks so much for pestering me to get there, i am looking forward to all the wonderful new things you are going to teach me!