Thursday, 2 October 2008

Holiday Update

Hi everyone!!

Just popping in to say hello!!! I am having a lovely time so far.

Tuesday was a very long day - hopped on the train to go to Strathfield at 10.53am and arrived in Bega at 8.50pm. I read an Anne McCaffrey book, which was great, managed to have a snooze and slept quite nicely at my parent's house.

Yesterday was a pretty full day; mum and dad had to go to the eye specialist at Batemans Bay, an hour & a half's drive north of us. While they were in at the specialist, I checked out some shops in the Bay and then went and had lunch at the Catalina Country Club (fab food and great service!). After that, went and got ma and pa and drove them all the way down to Bega (a 2 hour drive) as they had to go to their doc there. While they were busy there, I tried to get my mobile fixed (stupid thing - no-one can hear me on it ggrrrr) then wandered around the shops. I went into Go Lo and spotted a soft-cover version of the Chronicles of Narnia, containing ALL 7 BOOKS!! What a find. I love the stories and have been looking for an edition with all of them. So, for another hour while waiting for the oldies, I sat in the car and read my book. I knitted all the nearly all the way back to Cobargo (until I got carsick and had to stop that lol).

Last night was a delicious dinner, chops and veges yum!!! And, I even managed to get some creating in before I got too tired (made some ATC returns for a yahoo group I'm in).

Today I have been trying to speed up ma & Pa's puter, which is deadly slow. Am making progress, it is a little quicker, tho still not as good as my one at home.

Later I need to make some cards for mum and dad for various grandsons whose birthdays are next week (ie, my son and my nephew whose b'days are on the same day).

As you can guess, I took some advice and snuck some craft things into my bags lol!!!

It is so nice to enjoy the quiet and the lovely country air. We have been over to visit the cow and the calfs (one of which will be food next month).

It is very dry here, as they don't get much rain when there is snow in Jindabyne because the wet doesn't make it over the mountains.

I have also, shockingly, offered to do some of mum's ironing. You should have seen the look on mum's face when I offered hehehe. I actually ENJOY ironing, just not for my lot who have no appreciation for it. I actually miss doing it.

Anyway, this has turned into an essay *rolling my eyes*. I hope you are all having a great week and that those with kids on holidays are coping.

I will pop in when I can.

Ciao for now,



Jane said...

Glad you're having a lovely time, you can stay at my house if you ever need a holiday, my ironing board is always set up! wink wink.

smauge said...

Good to hear you are having a good time.