Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Driving around in cars

Good Morning!!

Well, my day started off just dandy this morning (apart from the usual before-school whining that is lol).

Was taking DD Mad to the docs for a wasp sting on her foot that does not look very good. (doc says its ok, she is having an allergic reaction). On the way, a young person (can you guess if she was a "P" plater?) pulled out in front of me from a side street! *crash*. So, we had an accident. Mad was a bit shaken and hurt her tummy (doc says all is well, the seat belt did no apparent damage), but not nearly as distraught as the driver of the other car - poor thing, she was practically beside herself she was so upset. I was shaken too, first prang in about 9 years!!

Here's a coupla pics:

The car is still drivable, but I have to get in and out via the passenger door cos the front right panel has been pushed back and blocks the driver door from opening. Mad thinks this is a huge source of entertainment!! Thanks honey, I love you too!!!

Car is all booked in with the insurers for an assessment on Saturday, and we have optional hire car cover thank goodness - I sooo cannot be without a car, as I drive the kids to/from school (too far for walking - over 4kms away) and i have classes etc, so transport is a must!!

Here's hoping we won't be without our car for too long.

Hope your day is going a bit better than mine lol!!

Have a great day!!



Sandie said...

Oh Pooh Cack Deanne.

Lucky no-one was seriously hurt.

I hope its not too long being repaired for your sake too.

Hope your day has improved and that Mad's foot it getting better.

Luv Sandie

Vanilla said...

Ouch! She didn't miss you did she! I hope everything goes well with the insurance.
Go have a wine - you deserve it!
xxx Vanilla