Thursday, 1 May 2008

I Challenge You . . .

Good morning out there in blogland!!

Hope you are all having a good day. Yay for me, my DD is finally back to school today and her foot is looking much better today!!

I had a great workshop last night for my Stampin' Up! Sisters (ie, level 1's of my Upline Tracey). It wasn't a demo - it was a hands-on, getting-to-know-your-watercolour-pencils Colour Workshop. The ladies all seemed to enjoy the class (at least, that's what they said on their participant survery form lol). Thanks go to Sharon for graciously allowing us the use of her ginormous dining table, which comfortably sat the 7 of us. Thanks also to the following ladies for coming along and joining my class (in no particular order): Tamara, Joelene, Tracey, Lana, Nicole and Sharon. Actually, that was the order in which they sat around the table from my right hehehe.

I am having another Colour Workshop with these same lovely ladies in a fortnight, this time, they will be getting to know their Stampin' Up! Watercolour Wonder Crayons.

SO. . . . on to the title of my post . . .

How many of you out there are blog-hoppers, hopping from post to post like a frog on a hot rock and reading about the lives of those in the world around you?? C'mon, lets see a show of hands for those who enjoy this pastime. Ah, I see a sea of raised hands (well, I can't see them, but I can certainly imagine them out there lol).

Well, since everyone who blogs is an attention seeking junkie (well, I am so I am assuming everyone else is too hehehe), I challenge you to leave a comment on all the blogs you visit. When you comment, leave a link to your blog, saying you were challenged at my blog, and see if you get someone coming to visit you too.

I love seeing comments on my posts, and I am sure you do to - be sure to brighten someone's day by telling them you visited their post and enjoyed your read.

Enjoy your day - I am going to enjoy mine - child free!

Cheers for now!


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