Monday, 19 May 2008

The adventures of Kittycat Jack . . . .

Hi everyone!

Want to know what a norty little black kitten does to pass the time? He goes CLIMBING!!!!

In my craft room, there are 2 sets of large windows covered with lace curtains. Turns out these are excellent for any little cat with nice sharp claws to climb up and explore the upper regions of the walls and the tops of cupboards. He also found he could climb up the fly screen then swing onto the curtain rods that way!!

He had me laughing, but then I was worried he would fall down between the 2 cupboards in the corner (there is no way I could move those myself - would have been a call to emergency services - how embarrassing!!). So, enjoy these photos!! Try not to chuckle too hard!!


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Wirg's Creative World said...

OMG how did that tiny little critter get up there, he's a clever kitty, naughty but clever. He's grown some too. Oh dear, better watch those curtains don't rip. Thanks for posting new pics of him.