Friday, 9 May 2008


Hi everyone.
I missed posting yesterday! Oops!
I spent the day watching chick-flicks on DVD. What a relaxing day I had! I just watched dvds and put all my SU stamps together for my customers.
Here are the movies I watched yesterday:
P.S. I love you - I cried for the whole movie and laughed lots too. What a nice film!
27 Dresses - this was quite a laugh! And boy, those dresses were ugly!!
Becoming Jane - hmm, I enjoyed this movie, but it didn't really have a happy ending (I love Jane Austen's books, but knew nothing about her as a person, and all her stories have happy endings).
Because I Said So! - this was a top film. My girls watched this one and Becoming Jane with me. They enjoyed it as much as me (I nearly choked when they started talking about orgasms, but a least that went WAY over the girl's heads and they didn't ask any questions!!!!! How embarrassing!)
So, that was how I spent my day!
Today I have a DT project to finish for Little Scrapbook Shop and then I have to clean up my house a bit, as my parents are coming to stay for the weekend.
I have craft at home tonight with some of my girlfriends, so mum can play with us while my dad goes out to his lodge thing.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Ciao for now,
p.s. I will have a pic for you of my project a bit later on. . . .

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