Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Look what I have started. . . .

Hello everyone!
Last night I started moving my ribbons from boxes onto ribbon rings.
Don't they look pretty??
These are just 1/3 of one box. Now I have only got 12 boxes to go!!! That will be an ongoing task I believe and I am looking forward to all the pretty ribbons being on display so I will use them more often, instead of them just sitting in boxes on my shelves.

OOPS!! Edited the post to say - I got this idea from my friend Tracey who has a fantastic looking ribbon wall. She still hasn't taken a picture of it yet, but it is serious eye-candy!!!

Stay tuned - I will be back a bit later with the cards for my Faux Watercolour class tonight.

Have a great day!!



Yvette said...

This looks great Deanne, so easy to use, and so pretty!! I just love ribbons :D

Tash Allen said...

looks so cool! I really must do this too :)

helenj said...

They look great!!!!!!