Friday, 30 May 2008

The continuing adventures of Kittycat Jack...

Hello there in blogland!!

You remember my adventurous cat don't you, climbing up the window screen and curtains to sit on the curtain rods and explore the ceiling?

Well, he has found a NEW way to get up there . . when our main door is open, he gallops up the flyscreen door - and I really do mean gallop cos he's up there in seconds!! - and then sits on top of the main door! See, look at him!.......

Only problem was, he couldn't figure out how to get back down again.....

So, I was getting on a chair to get him. However, he has now figured out it is a small leap off the door, onto that shelf below and down.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with me. This will be my last post for a couple of days, as I am off to a stamping retreat YAY!! Hope my kiddies and DH give Jackie lots of love while I am away, cos I just know he is gonna miss me (well, he will miss his sleeping spot anyway - my chest!).

Have a great day/weekend and I will see you all again on sunday night (or Monday morning).


1 comment:

Michelle Jamieson said...

Your kitty cat is just like! Cute aren't they?

LOve your blog...might have to check in more regularly. Love your cards...just beautiful!

Chelle Xx