Thursday, 17 July 2008

Get Well Card from Wirg - for Jack lol!

The other day, when I collected my mail, there was an envelope from Wirgie. I knew it was a card (cos on the front it said "Handcrafted card, please do not crush". What I didn't know, was that it was a get well card for my kittycat Jack, who was neutered last week and was up bit strange for a few days afterwards.
So this very gorgeous card is for Jack (but I can pretend its for me lol). If I show him, he will just try to chew on it anyway, so its staying waaaay out of his way lol.

Thanks Wirgie, it put a giant smile on my face.


EDITED TO ADD: I scheculed this post to go today, and planned to photograph the card and add it before it posted. However, now I can't remember what I did with it *rolling the eyes here* so I will have to post a photo when it turns up. (I was out when I opened my mail, and don't know where I put it when I came home loL).

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