Friday, 25 July 2008

I had a haircut!

Hello again hehehe!
I had my hair cut today, to make me feel better and, I have to say, I really like it.
Here is a photo of me (that I also don't mind lol).


Time to update my profile with the new photo I think.


smauge said...

Lordy! I didn't recognise you! You must feel about two kilos lighter, eh? Lookin' great - it'll be so easy to look after you'll wonder why you ever had it long!

Rose-Anne said...

Love your new hair cut-you look sexy.

Sandie said...

Lookin good Deanne..........very nice.
Love your ideas book.

Luv Sandie

Joyce said...

Dee, just love your new hair, have always been a bit 'green' re your beautiful curls. it must just feel so light and free.

p.s. love your new ideas book as well, but then i am a huge fan of your work.

Annierose said...

I love your hair style - gorgeous waves and the colour is a wonderful vibrant shade!