Tuesday, 1 July 2008

July Cybercrop at Little Scrapbook Shop

Just popping in quickly to let you know about the July Cybercrop at Little Scrapbook Shop. This fab poster was created by the fabulous Kerryn! Cool hey!

Hope you can come and play with us!!

Thanks for stopping by!!



Tania B said...

Hi Deanne, thanks for visiting my blog! You sure have some interesting stuff on yours, the calendar pages look great. I loved reading your 100 things, good on you for getting that one done!!!
I'm just about to find out about this tagging as Pepper has just tagged me!

Wirg's Creative World said...

Hey Deanne, love Kerryn's poster, brilliant.

Lucky neither of us was at Penrith today, have you heard the news about the car crashing into a load of padestrians? Freeky!! Oh and the 'green' blings were perfect!! Yay.

smauge said...

Oh I'm so sad I'm going to miss this CC - but I'm still recovering from winning last months Bingo!

ScrapManda said...

Looking forward to checking out the challenges for the CC!

Thanks for dropping by my blog...laughed at your comment about how terrific I'm looking cos if you're referring to my pic in the LO in my last post...that's when I was 21!!! Thanks for the nice comment anyway (wish I still looked that slim now!)