Friday, 15 August 2008

About Classes at Home - Term 3

Hi there,
You may have noticed there is no timetable for classes for Term 3. I have decided to take the term off from classes (except for Uniting In Work, a charity-run group where I teach on Mondays). There are still places available here, and the fee is minimal (to cover the cost of materials), so please leave a comment if you would like more information and I will get it to you.

There will also be no children's classes in the Term 3 School Holidays, as I will be at my mum's for a week, while DH minds the kids at home. Plus, my only son turn 16 this year in the same holidays!! WOW!! How fast has that gone. He is a strapping 6'1" now, so he is well and truly no longer my baby boy lol! So I am hoping to do something special with him for that.

I am hoping to be much more organised for Term 4 and plan to include some new Scrapbooking classes too. Term 4 will be a repeat of the last term's classes, with perhaps a few different ones here and there thrown in for good measure. There should also be children's classes for the Christmas school holidays.

Cheers for now,


Elizabeth said...

Love you blog, Deanne. I hope you have a more relaxing term as you plan for the end of the year. Our children grow up so quickly and in the blink of an eye they are grown. Cherish the time you have as they seem to leave too quickly.

CaBaCuRl said...

Hi Deanne,
Thought I'd jump onto your blog & have a sneak preview of your ATCs & cards. Your art is fantastic, & wow, you sound a very busy bee! It's very easy to keep saying 'yes' to stuff isn't it?
Hugz,Jude from StampHappy

CaBaCuRl said...

Wow, thanks Deanne... I would be honoured if you added me to your blog roll. I'll do the same if that's OK.I haven't posted any ATCs or jewellery in ages, & was only thinking this morning I need to do that, especially the ATCs I have received in the 1-4-1 swap.

Jane said...

Sounds like a good idea! have a nice earned rest. Don't forget I want cards for the mag LOL.

Sandie said...

Gidday Deanne. Sounds like its all happening for you like it is for me.
Enjoy the rest.
Just wanted to say thanks for popping in to my place all the time. Good for you. thought it was about my time to do the same for you.
Looking great.
Luv Sandie