Saturday, 30 August 2008

Saying Goodbye to Rex

Hi everyone,
Today was a bit of a sad day, as I took the girls over to AT's place to say goodbye to the ever lovely Rex, their beautiful golden retriever. Sadly, he is going to doggy heaven next week, as he is in so much pain and is almost blind and very sick and this is the kindest thing for him. He is such a beautifully natured dog and will be much missed.

AT and her hubby have not yet broken the news to their DD, who I am sure will be totally distraught by Rex's leaving. My Em was very upset and cried for ages when I told her the other day, but was under strict instructions today NOT to say a word to her about the real reason for our visit (saying goodbye). As far as Eliza was aware, we were over for a visit and lunch, which was quite nice too.

So, I managed to get some sweet photos of the girls with Rex and I now have some photos to scrap at the Little Scrapbook Shop CyberCrop this coming weekend (the theme is "Saying Goodbye").

My weekly visits to Tracey's place won't be quite the same without our Rexy sitting at the back door, watching over us.

We love you Rex.



Annierose said...

Oh what a sad post ... the unconditional love we have from animals is just so special ... it is wonderful your girls got a chance to say goodbye. Losing a special animal friend is heartbreaking.

I have no doubt that your projects using the photos you took will be up to your exemplary statndard ... they will certainly portray the emotion of sadness and love.

Thank you for sharing the story ...

Annie xx

Wirg's Creative World said...

Hey Deanne,

I'll look forward with bitter/sweet memories at what you create with the photos. I'm glad you got to visit with AT, it's going to be a difficult time for them explain to Eliza, she's such a bright little angel.
Wirgie x x

Jane said...

Now you've made me cry! It's not an easy thing to do, but when they're in pain it's the best thing to do. Give my thoughts to AT please.

Little Miss Lucy said...

how very sad about Rex...its awfull when things like this have to happen to such loved parts of our lives. Im so glad you have taken photos of Rex to scrap and keep memories of him...i will look forward to seeing what you create. This 'saying goodbye' theme sounds great.
I hope poor Eliza doesnt take the news too badly as i have lost a much loved dog before and at the time it felt like my world had come too an end.
Hope your having a good Sunday
Lucy xx

helenj said...

Rex will feel much better but its the ones left behind that dont:(
Glad you got to say goodbye

Shelee said...

How nice of you to take the time to go and see Rex. I'm sure AT appreciated the support too!

Shelee :)

Tracey said...


Thank you (and the girls) so much Dee - we all should have friends like you - tomorrow is going to be a VERY hard and sad day in this house

Joyce said...

hi Dee, have had a bit of an emotional day personally, but oh nothing compared to your post about Rex. yes, the eyes are welling up again today, but you are right, its awful to see them in such pain, and you will all know he is in your heart. it was wonderful you got to say goodbye and have cuddles. your pages are just going to be so special, and emotional, but you will treasure them always.

thinking of you all - big hugs - Joycie

Sandie said...

Oh dear.........its terrible to lose a pet - they really are a part of the family.

Sweet dreams Rex.

So nice of you Deanne.

Luv Sandie

Sue said...

Very sad. I know, I have had to do the same before. I know your project with Rex's photos with be beautiful. TFS your sad news

Missty said...

This just prooves what a wonderful friend you are Deanne, So glad AT has someone like you to help her in the hard times. I'm sure Rex is happy in puppy heaven and will be watching over his family from there.