Saturday, 22 November 2008

BLING BLING Calculator

Surprise surprise, something made almost entirely from bling!!!!! hehehe.

Thanks to Jenni, who told me about seeing a bling calculator in the first place. I spent 3 hours one night blinging this darned thing lol, and went through ALL of my Kaiser silver gems, and quite a few of the kaiser flower gems.

Some of the pink bling is from a KaiserCraft Rhinestone Word. I love these because I can cut them up and use the different sized blings however I like. I am ye
t to use a word I have bought as a whole word
The tiny pink bling is from. . . er, I can't remember actually, but it may have been mobile phone bling that I have had in my stash.

Enjoy!!! Products used:
(links will take you to LSBS shop)
~ KaiserCraft Round Gems
~ KaiserCraft Flower Gems
~ KaiserCraft Rhinestone Words


Anonymous said...

OMG Deanne, it looks just like the bought ones! Wow, that is massive dedication! lol. Looks awesome!

Laura said...

Crazy Kewl!

maryps said...

This is totally awesome. A girl can never have too much bling!

Kerrie Gurney said...

Deanne - WOW you certainly have too much time on your hands - how awesome is this!!! I love it :)

Thanks also for the lovely comment you have left on my blog

take care

Anonymous said...

oh i don't believe that it is post in the iternet, oh i love this calq by the way i have also like that but it is not pink it is violet with black.....♥