Monday, 3 November 2008

Further on from this morning. . . .

Well, it appears that Miss Mad was actually telling the truth. The rash is actually showing from an infected gland, coming from an infected mozzie bite at the back of her leg (which has become a school sore (Impetago). So she is now on antibiotics to kill it off.

Zac is also on antibiotics now for the ick tooth, and is booked in to the dentist in 2 weeks to get the tooth out. We could have had an appointment next week, but he has exams all week. Drats. Oh well, at least they squeezed us in as soon as they could.

Fingers crossed no more happens today.



Wirg's Creative World said...

Aww crappola D, that's not much fun. I hope they both pick up soon. Poor Zac though, I know you said he hates the dentist, but it must be bad if he's announced it has to come out. I hope he gets through is exams okay. Now the visual of Mad walking around like a cowboy did give me a bit of a giggle but I do feel for her, ouch. hugs to you all,
Wirgie x x

AGA said...

I know all about Mondayitis lol... but hope both your kids will feel better soon, and sure hope your week gets better :)
Btw congrats on your SBH news - that fantastic!!!
Aga xx