Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bras, Bras, Bras and more Bras

Hi out there in blog land.

One of the lovely ladies who belongs to the LSBS forums, Honeywine (aka Carol) has just become the A.C.T. Rep for an organisation called Uplift which sends bras to the Pacific countries where ladies cannot afford to buy bras. She popped this post in the forum this week, and wants your old bras.

Carol wrote:
These women need your preloved bras and all sized bras are very welcome and much appreciated..... ones that are for well endowed ladies and nursing bras are great too.....

Here is the link to see that I haven't gone completely strange Have a look at the faces of those ladies who otherwise would not ever be able to afford a bra.

Could I ask you please to hold on to your bras that you may have been going to throw out and send them to me after Christmas......

When the silly season is over I will ask you to post them to me so I can sort them with the other 'few hundred' I have and deliver them to Melbourne

Thanks I really appreciate it!!!!"

Carol has also advised that bras of ANY SIZE and in ANY CONDITION will be gratefully accepted - any bras in less than good condition will be cut up and used on other bras for repairs (like hooks and eyes, elastic etc).

If you would like to donate your pre-loved bra (or even new ones if you are so inclined), please pop over to the forum by clicking HERE and find out how to contact Carol with your donation. Alternately, visit the
Uplift Website and you can look for a representative in your state.

Have a great day!



xoxAlyssaxox said...

Aww geeze i couldnt imagine not having any bra's poor girls :(

Tania B said...

Hey Deanne, that's a great idea and we can all do our little bit! I shall go through my drawers in a minute, there's sure to be an old bra in there somewhere! The trouble with living in the tropics, is anything left lying around too long usually disintegrates, but hopefully I'll have something! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog :)