Monday, 3 November 2008

Oh, the joys of Monday mornings. . . .

I just loathe Monday mornings here.

Almost every single Monday (except in school holidays, of course) at least one of my children has a hissy about something and doesn't want to go to school.

Usually its Em, who really dislikes Library visits and they are on Mondays. Often she gets a mysterious tummy thing on Monday mornings (but is made to go school anyway - her teacher is aware of the issue lol).

However, today, I have both Zac and Mad suffering from maladies. Zac has a tooth that has been quietly rotting away in his mouth and last night, it announced that it is ready to be removed by causing him a serious toothache. His face is swollen today and his mouth really hurts, so I have sent him back to bed. I have to ring my dentist and see if she can squeeze him in this week to remove that tooth. He has Yr 10 exams coming up, but he said he wouldn't miss those for the world! What a trooper.

Mad has developed a nasty rash on the up thigh of one of her legs and is walking like a cowboy! She has a tendency to suffer from eczma, which usually responds well to a cortizone cream. However, this rash is not responding at all. Looks like a trip to the doctor is on the cards today. But AFTER class this morning. I refuse to miss another Monday class. My kids will just have to get over their Monday-itis!!

So, wish me luck for an uneventful kind of day.

Ciao for now,

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smauge said...

oh it sounds all so familiar - Mika doesn't go a Monday without telling me he's not going to school...